Juniors Programs


For Grammar School at Halifax North and Crossley Heath

For those of you wishing to pass the entrance examinations for grammar school at Halifax North and Crossley Heath, we recommend students starting classes in year 3 and 4 to give them time to reach the high standards required.

For mathematics, lessons are planned with worksheets as well as weekly online tests. English and verbal reasoning classes aim to give students a command of spoken and written English using stimulating topics; developing vocabulary, collocations, grammar and sentence structure in descriptive, persuasive and creative pieces.

In addition regular prepared speeches in a supportive friendly environment will ensure students become confident well-spoken communicators.

Ofsted Registered and Eligible

Eligible Childcare Providers for Tax Credits

Why not telephone to arrange your free assessment with a view to starting classes in the September period. By this time we will be Ofsted Registered and eligible childcare providers for Tax Credits.


Free Assessment for your Child

We teach maths at all levels, from year one onwards and can pick up at any level.

Tips and methods are shown on each topic including numeracy, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, graphs, and algebra. We are also here to help you with any topics you want to concentrate on, and any specific questions you are finding difficult.


Interesting and Inspiring Lessons

Planned lessons, group work, speeches, vocabulary building, collocations, grammar, reading, comprehensions, persuasive, descriptive, and creative writing are all on the curriculum, with planned interesting and inspiring lessons students can enjoy.


See them through to GCSEs and A levels

We teach sciences from KS2 upwards in a friendly, supportive environment, so that they can follow through with sciences into KS3 and GCSE with us in line with their English and mathematics studies.

Sciences are an integral part of the syllabus and we want to ensure our students have a strong foundation in this subject to see them through to GCSEs and A levels.