Seniors Programs


For Grammar School at Halifax North and Crossley Heath

For those of you wishing to pass the entrance exam for grammar school at Halifax North and Crossley Heath, we recommend students starting classes in year 3 and 4 to give them time to reach the high standards required

For mathematics lessons are planned with worksheets as well as weekly online tests. English and verbal reasoning classes aim to give students a command of spoken and written English using stimulating topics; developing vocabulary, collocations, grammar and sentence structure in descriptive, persuasive and creative pieces

In addition regular prepared speeches in a supportive friendly environment will ensure students become confident well-spoken communicators.


Supportive Group of 2 to 4

Why not phone to arrange an informal assessment with a view to studying in a small supportive group of 2 to 4.

You will have the opportunity to cover all the main topics with past paper questions in topic order as well as general past papers.

Tips and methods are shown on each topic including numeracy, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, graphs, and algebra. We are also here to help you with any topics you want to concentrate on, and any specific questions you are finding difficult.

As well as this we will show you how to revise your maths so you can reach the grade you need to secure your employment prospects.

AS/A2 Maths

For one to one lessons or work in small groups and past paper practice, please call to arrange your free assessment and study plan.

. Modules covered include Core 1,2,3 and 4, Statistics 1 and 2, as well as Mechanics 1 and 2.

Lessons are available for those of you who want more practice at each topic so you can reach your target grades for university entrance.

Also if you wish to concentrate on specific topics which you didn't fully understand on first reading, we are here to help you concentrate on any areas you feel you need to devote more time to.


Families and Individuals are Welcome

If you need help improving your English, families and individuals are welcome to phone to arrange to come and visit the centre to see if you would enjoy studying with us.

From now until the exam lessons concentrate on preparing analyses of each of the poems from your anthologies and ensuring you have a study guide for poetry, plays and novels and know how to prepare revision sheets for your set texts.

Also we will work on making sure you are aware of the main themes in your chosen plays and novels, ensuring you have a grasp of grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, collocations, and the language used for different styles of writing with practice at past papers.

Lessons are planned so you have set photocopied sheets with information worked though in class to take home and help you revise.


Best Textbooks to Read and Revise From

We will recommend the best textbooks to read and revise from, which cover the topic in enough depth for you to attain high grades.

Lessons in science involve practice at past paper questions, going through topics students find tricky, in small groups you can choose which areas you wish to concentrate on from a list available with a schedule set ensuring you cover all topics before the exam.

Additional revision information is available to help ensure you have covered everything needed. For those studying separate sciences we will concentrate on those topics covered in the last units,which tend to be the most demanding.

The application of learning is put into practice so you will be used to seeing the topics from different perspectives and ready to tackle the exam questions.

AS/A2 for Biology Chemistry and Physics

Need Extra Help to Pass your Exam

If you feel you need extra help to pass your exams or even just some better books to study from call to arrange an informal assessment or introductory meeting with our staff at the centre with a view to working towards your grades with us.

Each lesson will cover a specific topic in depth with practice at past paper questions, tips on what examiners are looking for, as well as how to apply your knowledge in exam paper questions.

We will spend time on the more in-depth topics to ensure you have an in-depth understanding of the subject and notes to revise from.

Lessons are on a Sunday -hopefully the least stressful period of your week between 10 and 2 so as not to interfere with your heavy schedule.