• Juniors

    11+ Exam Prep For Year 3 4 and 5 pupils
    Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning

    The 11 plus course provides much more than entrance into grammar schools, it helps to establish independent learning and leadership skills, students move steadily ahead in mathematics, and at age ten to eleven are two to three years ahead of their peers, have an enviable grasp of vocabulary, written and spoken English and a general knowledge that provides a qualified confidence in their abilities to tackle future challenges with ease. The time spent on these lessons during years three and four provides a solid foundation for their future success.

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  • Seniors

    We offer comprehensive curriculum based learning programmes for children of all ages, in maths, English and science, providing extra help and support to ensure each child is achieving their full potential.

    Lessons are in small groups with qualified teachers who care passionately about your child's education, confidence and motivation. Unlike other centres, we aim to work with parents and families to ensure your child works ahead with constant support and motivation, reducing stress and ensuring they are keenly interested in their studies.

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  • Adults

    Adults or One to One lessons

    We will help you prepare for resits, focusing on your weak points, showing you how to revise, helping with all the difficult parts of your course and ensuring you are supported at all times, taking the worry and stress out of your studies. We care about your grades and your future. We want you to succeed and do well.

    One to One
    Adults and Calderdale College Students are more than welcome to call in during the day for one to one lessons on any areas they are struggling in.

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Welcome to our centre

IQQ (Information & Questions for Qualifications)

We aim to take the stress out of learning by providing constant support during your educational years and are here to ensure you cover the syllabuses thoroughly for each subject.

As well as learning each subject, we will revise with you and practise past paper questions on each topic, so that when the big day comes and you sit your exam, you are well prepared and attain an excellent grade. Lessons are quiet and studious, we recommend the very best books for you to read, and have access to many interactive web sites so you achieve the grades you need for your future.

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Latest news

  • books and licenced online programmes

    Materials / Events

    We offer courses covering the main topics with the past exam paper questions covered in detail for AQA OCR.

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  • AS and A2 Maths, Biology,Chemistry and Physics

    AS and A2 Maths, Biology,Chemistry and Physics

    If you are currently an A level student and would like some help with your AS and/or A2 work, please let us know

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