“... Linda is the most dedicated and passionate tutor we have ever met. She worked with our daughter for a year to prepare her for the 11+. Our daughter didn't just pass these exams she obtained a very high ranking. Our daughter couldn't have achieved these results without Linda. Linda is an enthusiastic teacher who inspired our daughter. We could see the progress in English and Maths after each lesson. Linda kept our daughter smiling through this year as well developing her confidence and hunger to learn more. Thank you Linda. ...”

Navy Trophy 95


“... For the past seven years Linda has helped all my four children pass their exams. My oldest daughter finished her degree at Bradford University last year and received help planning and proof reading essays when she first started and with her final dissertation. She is now working for social services with young families. My second daughter is currently undertaking a degree in nursing and Linda had more time with her for her GCSEs. At the moment Linda is working with my two youngest sons. During her time with us, we have worked as a team, her lessons are always enjoyable and we do lots of work during holidays. Often I have been left work to do with my children during the week and the results are clear to see. I have started with the boys earlier than the girls and i am sure it will show in their results in the next two years. It has made all the difference to my children's lives and their careers are secure. ...”

Gray Coin 56


“... Absolutely brilliant! My Daughter had a different tutor for 18 months, then prior to the summer holidays cut off contact with all her students. We were recommended to Linda. In the 6 -10 weeks she got my daughter to the level to pass her exam. Her teaching methods and her availability after teaching hours was fantastic. Rik ...”

Rik S 7


“... Linda taught my twin boys for three months, prepared them for 11+ exam, in a short period of time, my boys quickly gained their confidence, big thank you to Linda for all her hard work, twins managed to pass 11 + exam. She quickly adapts to your level and meets your needs. I would definitely recommend Linda, she is an amazing teacher and a lovely lady. Thank you so much! ...”

Janet G


“... Linda started teaching my daughter after she received poor mock GCSE results. Linda came to our house for 2 hours a week and patiently worked with my daughter. My daughters confidence improved massively and she started to believe in herself thanks to Linda's teaching methods. Linda is a lovely lady with a great personality and I would highly recommend her. One thing I would say from a parents point of view is if you think your child is struggling don't leave it too late to contact Linda. Get her involved as soon as you realise there's a problem. ...”

Debbie M-140


“... Linda was one of the best tutors I've had! My grades in Maths and English soared after I'd been taught by her. I couldn't believe the progress I made! Linda is also very friendly and makes you feel comfortable around her. She helped me understand things I couldn't in school. I thought it'd be difficult for me to grasp certain things because I found them difficult in school, but Linda made it easier for me to understand. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!. ...”

Sabah K-2


“... Linda tutored my son for several years with great care and skill. She started by helping him get through his SATS in year 6, pulling him up a grade boundary and successfully preparing him for his 11+. Going on to tutor him in throughout high school in preparation for his GCSEs in Math, English and Science, ensuring he achieved a grade A in each subject. Her experience and kindness throughout the years have been invaluable and set him in good stead for his future studies. We cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor! ...”

Marie H-42


“... Linda is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who will help you achieve your goals no matter how motivated you are. She injects excitement into every aspect of learning and her teaching boosted my children's grades significantly. Linda offers this service in Bradford and is more than willing to come to your home address which is very convenient. This was very helpful for me and my family. Thank you for your amazing support and service and always going the extra mile. ...”

Marcia C-51


“... Linda has tutored both of my children at GCSE level. She is very patient understanding and works at the child's pace.

She would always go that extra mile in producing resources that would best meet the students needs.

Both my children have Aspergers and Linda took this on board and developed her understanding and teaching methods to meet their needs I would highly recommend ...”

Deborah B


“... Linda started tutoring my son when he got behind his school lessons due to an illness. From day one, she prepared a teaching/tutoring plan for the key subjects and then the tutoring commenced.

Linda was very good with my son and quickly gained his confidence, trust and respect. She was excellent in explaining key concepts for each of his topics and then, as his confidence developed, he was able to catch up and indeed exceed the school's pace.

I could write more on Linda's tutoring but suffice it to say that my son passed all his GCSE's, all with good grades and above the school's predicted grades. He is currently doing his A levels. In summary, I strongly recommend Linda...”

Mohammed K


“... Linda taught my son for 2 years as he was struggling.

He managed to pass all his A levels with top marks all thanks to Linda and her teaching .

What a lovely lady with such a great personality.

Thank you so much !!!! X ...”

Jayne K


“... A great teacher and an even lovelier person.

You could not ask for a better tutor. Linda was fantastic both outside and inside the lessons, really putting a lot of effort into them.

We particularly focused on Physics and English and she helped me to achieve A*'s in both.

Linda really was tremendous...”

Raahat R