Helping you attain excellent grades, we specialise in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, using a variety of materials and online sites as well as past papers to ensure you pass your exams. You will work in a small group of students all sitting the same exam, in a quiet environment with no distractions.


    We use a variety of materials including recommended book reading, online resources and time in class going over topics and past papers.


    We work with you in small groups in a quiet environment where everyone wants to study, there are no distractions. Our team of dedicated teachers have a passion for ensuring you cover all the topics thoroughly and in depth, applying your learning to demanding application questions so you reach your full potential. Past paper practice is part of our courses and we do lots of them, checking the mark schemes and examiners notes for extra learning and fine tuning your learning in the latest developments.


    We aim to finish each syllabus early so you have time to go through past papers with us in lessons, and time for extra revision to reach the best grade you can. We don't mind where you are in your studies - we are here to help you, make you feel supported and keen to learn and work hard without worrying.


    Happy to help and support those who have not reached their target grades, or need to resit, if you've fallen behind we're here to help you catch up and attain the grades you need.